All about Icelandair Refund policy

Had to cancel the Icelandair flight and now worried about the refund? What is the refund policy of Iceland air? Worried about questions like these, and none got the solution for you. Rest Assured! First and foremost, the answer to your question, “How do I get a refund from IcelandAir” is yes, they do. Still, it’s important to know about the refund policy of Icelandair before applying for a refund so that you can easily see yourself getting a refund from Icelandair. Follow this page to learn about the refund policy.

IcelandAir Refund policy

You first need to request the refund through calling or any other communication method.

Icelandair will acknowledge your refund request and work for it.

You are eligible for the full refund only when your ticket is unused.

If a portion of your ticket is used, you are subjected to the difference between the total airfare you paid for and the applicable fare of the used portion.

If Icelandair cancels the flight, they provide you with the full refund, or if it is a used ticket, then the difference of the total fare and to the point, the ticket has been used.

Icelandair only refunds the amount to the one who paid for the ticket irrespective of whose name is on the ticket as a passenger.

They send the refund amount within seven working days.

According to the Iceland refund policy, you can only apply for a refund when you buy the ticket from the airline. Otherwise, if any third party is involved, they will apply for your refund.

If the validity of your ticket is expired, then you can’t apply for a refund.

If you made it here, then hurry up and request your refund.

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