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How To Upgrade American Airlines Business/First Class Seat

These steps will show you how to upgrade to business/first class on American Airlines.

Online Update

·        Visit American Airlines website.

·        Click on the "My Trips" option.

·        Please enter your first and last names and the reference number for your booking.

·        Click 'Find reservation now'

·        The itinerary details will be displayed.

·        Upgrades are available if they are possible. Choose it.

·        Choose the class that you would like to upgrade.

·        Next, choose the upgrade path you prefer.

·        You will see the fare and upgrade fees.

·        Fill in your payment information and pay the amount.

·        A new ticket will be issued to you.

Business/First Class Upgrade On American Airlines

American Airlines is America's largest airline. Its headquarters are in Texas. There are four classes available to passengers: Economy, Premium Economy, First Class, Business, and First Class. Passengers have the option to upgrade their seats to first or business class and enjoy it's luxury and comfort. The airline offers many types of upgrades. This blog contains information about American Airlines Seat Upgrade and the steps required to obtain it.


1. Upgrades available as a complimentary service

The airline's loyalty program offers members upgrades. Members of the AAdvantage elite get complimentary upgrades for flights less than 500 miles.

Depending on the elite status of the member, the upgrade process is different.

Concierge Key

This is the highest status. All other elite members have priority over Executive Platinum Plus members.

Executive Silver

Executive Platinum members receive 4 Systemwide Upgrade Certificates, and 2 SWUs for 50,000 total EQMs each year. Members receive complimentary upgrades on domestic flights (including Hawaii), as well as between the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the Bahamas, Bermuda, and the Caribbean.

Platinum Pro

Platinum Pro members receive complimentary upgrades on flights within the U.S., including Hawaii, as well as between the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the Bahamas, Bermuda, the Caribbean, and Central America.

Platinum & Gold

Platinum and Gold members receive upgrades on flights less than 500 miles. These are known as 500-miles upgrades. Additional 500-mile upgrades can be purchased. For every 12,500 EQMs, members are eligible for 4 500-mile upgrades.

2. Systemwide Upgrades

Executive Platinum Elite members earn systemwide upgrades each year. These upgrades are valid worldwide and can be used on all American flights. You can upgrade up to 3 flights from economy class to business class, or first class to business class.

3. Upgrade with miles

Passengers may also upgrade their seats using their frequent flier miles from AAdvantage. Upgrades can be made in up to three segments, either for the return or outbound journey. This upgrade is also available for discounted economy class tickets. Upgrades cannot be made on the award and Basic Economy fares. You will need to upgrade depending on the flight and fare class. This information can be found during booking or on the airline's website. Earned miles can be used to upgrade passengers on partner airlines. However, the required miles to upgrade will differ.

4. Companion upgrade

An elite member's companion can receive the same status priority as an elite member. An elite member can request an upgrade for themselves and their companions. Companions don't need to be AAdvantage members. Upgrades can be made to companions on both award and paid tickets

American Airlines Seat Upgrade Cost

Upgrades can be made using the above methods and passengers will either receive a complimentary upgrade, or they can pay for the American airline's upgrade fee through miles. For $40, AAdvantage elite members can purchase a 500-mile upgrade. Non-elite members may also be able to purchase the upgraded seat if it is available. This will require payment of the upgrade fee and the fare difference.

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